Friday, July 26, 2002

FW: Public Safety Alert & July 10th ANC Meeting Summary

Public Safety Alert – East Dupont Armed Burglary

On Friday, July 26, 2002, at approximately 10:00 a.m., there was a burglary at 1715 15th Street, N.W., (Bishop's Gate). The homeowner was stabbed by the suspect. The homeowner suffered wounds in the assault. Thankfully, the homeowner is expected to recover. The suspect is described as: Black male, approximately 40 years old, dark complexion, light mustache, 5'8" tall, 140 lbs., wearing a blue nylon pullover, and blue jeans.

In addition, it is believed that the suspect may have suffered injuries during the assault, possibly a cut to his hand. Anyone observing a subject matching this description or any suspicious
persons is asked to call 911.

The following Washington Post article provides additional information and appeared in the Metro section on Saturday, July 27th.

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Confronting A Burglar, District Man Is Stabbed
By David A. Fahrenthold

A Northwest Washington man was stabbed numerous times in his bedroom yesterday morning after he rushed a burglar who had crept into his house with a 10-inch steak knife, police said. The man, who lives in the 1700 block of 15th Street NW, was in critical condition yesterday afternoon at Howard University Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Police said the man was in his computer room about 10:15 a.m. when he was surprised by the burglar, who then marched the man through the house at knifepoint while taking various items. Finally, believing that the burglar was about to kill him, the man attacked the intruder, police said. The man sustained more than 10 knife wounds and had significant blood loss, police said.

Police said the burglar ran off, having stolen less than $500 worth of property. They described him as a black man in his forties, about 5-feet-9 inches tall and 145 pounds, wearing a dark-colored nylon pullover. Police said the intruder might have been lurking in the area before the attack. Earlier in the morning, they had received a report of a suspicious person near 15th and R streets NW, and officers were canvassing that area when the wounded man called 911.

Sgt. James Somers of the 3rd Police District said that the burglar apparently approached the man's house from an alley, climbed over a 10-foot fence and pried open a sliding glass door to the basement. One floor up, Somers said, the burglar encountered the man. The two ended up in the man's bedroom, and the burglar demanded more property, though Somers would not say what items were asked for or taken. He said the victim at that point suspected that he was about to be killed because he had seen the burglar's face. "He decided to defend himself," Somers said. He also said it is unusual for a burglar to enter a house knowing that someone is home, or to confront the occupants.

July 10th ANC Meeting Summary

Below is a summary of the actions taken by the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2B) at the July 10, 2002, Regular Meeting. Please note this summary does not constitute an official record of the meeting. Contact the Staff Coordinator or appropriate Commissioner for additional information.

July 10, 2002 - Regular Meeting

-- General Announcements: The following general announcements were made at the June meeting. (1) A representative from the Hillcrest Assistance Program informed those present about their mission to help children stay off of drugs. She stressed that the program is not a residential facility in the area, but rather a base for the programs. She requested that citizens contact City Council about the lack of good substance abuse programs run by the city. (2) A constituent requested that an all-way traffic stop be instated at the intersection of 19th and Q Streets, an unsafe intersection for pedestrians and drivers. The Chair announced that request the Commission’s support for such a change at the end of the meeting.

-- Public Safety Issues: Lt. Frank Hill (MPD – PSA 308) provided an update on the incidence of crime. He noted a shooting that resulted after the victim refused to hand over his money, and warned those present not to provoke someone with a gun. Lt. Hill also noted an increase in robberies in the office buildings in the area, and asked that those working in such environments not leave valuables out while away from their desks. Another trend was the theft of personal documents from vehicles. He noted that year-to-date, reported crime was down 30% from last year. A small discussion ensued about the responsiveness of calls to 911. Lt. Hill agreed that it was a major issue. He said that once the dispatcher contacts officers, response time is good. The problem is the amount of time it takes a caller to get through to 911, and then the length of time it takes a dispatcher to contact an officer. It was noted that most of the 911 staff were not law enforcement officers, and that there was a high turn-over rate due to the stress and low pay of the job.

-- Proposal for a Park Renovation and Memorial to Thomas Masaryk, Massachusetts Avenue at 22nd Street: Representatives of the National Park Service and the American Friends of the Czech Republic presented a plan to renovate the empty park at this location and build a memorial to the founding democratic president of the present-day Czech Republic. ANC 2B voted unanimously to support the application. (2B02)

-- Proposed Streetscape Improvements for P Street Between Dupont Circle and 23rd Street: Chris Shaheen and the Chair outlined the initial plans for the P Street Streetscape project. Among other things, the proposed plan would increase lighting with traditional lamp posts, add tree boxes and trash cans, and install mechanisms to slow vehicular traffic for pedestrians. ANC 2B voted unanimously to support the ongoing planning process and nine key neighborhood recommendations. (2B02/2B06)

-- Presentation on a Proposed Rehabilitation of the 16th Street Underpass at Scott Circle: Bill Rice, Director of Public Affairs, and Duong Bui, Project Manager, both of the Department of Transportation, presented a comprehensive timeline of all the planned projects for the Dupont area. The DDOT representatives explained briefly the objective and schedule of each of the projects. ANC 2B voted unanimously to generally support the construction projects and to continue an ongoing dialogue about the impact of the infrastructure improvement projects on the neighborhood. (2B05)

-- Proposed Amendment to the Voluntary Agreement with Café Japone, located at 21st and P Streets, for an expansion of space (but not ABC seats) into an adjoining area currently leased by the restaurant: The Chair noted that although Café Japone is within the West Dupont Moratorium, it had previously used the space for ABC purposes and voluntarily discontinued use. The moratorium law allows such an expansion. After discussion and questions from the audience, ANC 2B voted unanimously to support the proposed amendment. (2B02)

-- Solar Building, Planned Unit development, 16th and K Streets: The Chair announced that ANC 2B and the Presidential Cooperative had settled longstanding concerns about the proposed renovation of the property currently called the “Solar Building.” The resulting agreement with the applicant requires that (1) a public garage entrance be placed on K Street in stead of 16th Street, (2) additional green space be added on 16th Street, and (3) the penthouse structure be moved further back from 16th Street. Carol Mitten, President of the co-op’s Board provided additional information on the negotiations. The applicant will be invited to attend the August meeting. No action was taken. (2B04)

-- Public Space Application - Malacca Corp., 1837 M Street, Unenclosed Sidewalk Café: ANC 2B considered an application by the restaurant Penang to add an unenclosed sidewalk café. After discussion, the Commission voted unanimously to support the application. (2B07)

-- ABC Substantial Change Application - Ascot, Class CR, 1050 17th Street, Request for Expanded Hours from 11 am - 2 am, Monday-Thursday, and 11 am to 2:30 am, Friday-Saturday, to 11:30 to 2 am, Monday-Thursday, and 11:30 am to 3 am, Friday, and 4 pm to 4 am, Saturday: The Commission considered an application for expanded hours of service for the restaurant Ascot. The applicant was not present. ANC2B voted unanimously to oppose the application on the grounds that the applicant was not present and due to its potential adverse effect on the peace, order, and quiet of the neighborhood. (2B07)

-- ABC Renewals - The following ABC renewals were considered:
2B02 - Burrito Brothers, 1718 Connecticut Avenue; Cosi, 1647 20th Street
2B07 - Bertucci's, 1218 Connecticut Avenue; Cosi, 1350 Connecticut Avenue; Cosi, 1919 M Street

ANC 2B voted unanimously to protest the renewals for Cosi at 1647 20th Street and Cosi at1350 Connecticut Street, on the grounds of sanitation and issues related to the proper use of the public space. No action was taken on the other renewal applications.

-- Commission Administrative Matters: The Commission took action on the following administrative matters - (1) The Commission voted unanimously to adopt amendments to update the Bylaws. (2) The Commission voted unanimously to increase the unbudgeted reserves by $1,109, as a result of an increase in the District’s appropriation to the ANC 2B. (3) ANC 2B voted unanimously to authorize the purchase a new photocopier. (4) The minutes of the May 8, 2002, and June 12, 2002, meetings were approved. (5) ANC 2B voted to request a traffic study at the intersection of 19th and Q Streets.

Next Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B meets on second Wednesday of each month. There is an open forum at each meeting for discussion of issues not on the regular agenda. For further information, call (202) 296-7333 or send to

The next regular meeting of ANC 2B will be August 14, 2002; 7:30 p.m.; St. Thomas Parish; 1772 Church St., NW.

ANC 2B Commissioner Information

2B01 - Norma Zane Chaplain, 234-2880,
2B02 - Vince Micone (Chair), 607-8429,
2B03 - David Jolliffe, 518-7844,
2B04 - Jeff Hopp (Treasurer), 332-8508,
2B05 – vacant, contact Jeff Hopp (2B04)
2B06 - Marilyn Newton (Secretary), 833-1344,
2B07 - Irv Morgan (Vice Chair), 265-8575,
Staff Coordinator – Brian Piech, 296-7333,