Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reminder - Dupont Circle/Kal Public Safety (PSA 208) Meeting

1)     Meeting - Dupont Public Safety Meeting/PSA 208 - Tuesday, Oct 21st at 7pm at the 3rd District Metropolitan Police Dept Headquarters at 1620 V Street. (Held on the 3rd Tuesdays for Dupont and Kalorama-Sheridan issues and still in the 3D building even though our police work out of 2D.) Our community depends on good communications to and from our police. This is a roundtable meeting where we problem-solve. Bring an issue – no matter how minor.


1.      From ANC Commissioner Jack Jacobson (among other items he wants us to discuss) – “I've invited Ed Solomon from the Georgetown ANC to attend the meeting to talk about MPD's new real-time notification service that Ed's ANC was instrumental in pushing for.  MPD announced last week they're rolling it out across the city, and Dupont would be a great place for implementation of the Community Crime Alert Program.”


2)     Neighborhood Watch - We have over 50 block captains, now. Please inquire with Sol Levine regarding becoming a block Captain and sign up at the Neighborhood Network 208 Google Group.





Rob Halligan


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