Tuesday, June 17, 2003

FW: June Joint Dupont Public Safety Meeting Reminder Announcement

This coming Tuesday the 17th the Dupont Public Safety will meet at 7 in the Stanley Room of the 3rd District Headquarters - 1620 V Street. Commander McCoy plans to be there.

I've attached a list of concerns that we have. We'll get into details of some of those topics that night. We may have some citizens showing up who have new concerns. If that is the case, we'll spend some time talking about the crimes that they have recently witnessed or been victims of.

Hope to see you there,

Rob Halligan

Joint Dupont Public Safety Meeting

• PSA Boundaries

• Renewal of the Citizens Advisory Council

• Community Policing Communications

PSA meeting reform - Poorly attended ones could be done as break out sessions at this meeting. PSA, DPS –ANC/DCCA/DC MAP, CAC

MPD 3rd District input to DCCA Public Safety Alerts (designate responsible official to send information to dccanews@aol.com.

Regular Reports out of Police to Listserv or to groups in person

Would Commander McCoy to address ANC and/or DCCA meetings. (Lt Hill says Cm. McCoy may address ANC in July.)

Contacting the police is too difficult.

Voice Mail system getting implemented??!?!

Is standardization of method of communication the solution?

Messages don’t get answered

Some officers have pagers, some cell phones, some hotmail, some dc.gov email, some mpdc.org email.

Officers are moved around so much that establishing relationships is too difficult

Communication Structure between PSAs and between MPDC/Park Police, Civic Organizations

Neighborhood Watch

Orange Hat Patrols – Lt. Groomes and George Britton

• Community Policing Program Effectiveness

Commitment to put duty officer on foot for one hour per shift

Police initiative to have police officers meet every person in their PSA.

Police not taking reports or treating customers with respect

• 911/311 system. We’d like to hear updates of situation.

• Crime Statistics

Relevance and accuracy

Perception of community contrast

• Drug Dealing

Operation Gold Coast Follow Up

N and 20th

P and 22nd

Swann Houses

Getting at the demand – What’s the profile of these drug buyers

• Prostitution

16th and L

22nd and P

• Community development’s effect on Crime

Youth Education

Knowing your neighbors

• Preventable Crime Education


Putting laptops in trunks

• Abandoned cars

6/11/2003 3:30 PM