Tuesday, February 18, 2003

DCCA/ANC Public Safety Committee Meeting, 02.18.03, 7 pm

DCCA/ANC Public Safety Committee Meeting

02.18.03, 7 pm

Location: Third District Police Station at 1620 V St. Room assignment is still pending.

The joint Dupont Circle ANC and Dupont Circle Citizens Association Public Safety Committee is meeting on February 18th at the Third District Police Station at 1620 V St. This will be a forum to explore policies for improving the Public Safety (not for venting). Rob Halligan and Gil Hill are Co-Chairs. Rob Halligan is an ANC Commissioner from 2B01. Gil Hill is the Secretary of DCCA and community activist.

There have been lots of meetings and press coverage of and on the police and Public Safety in our neighborhood, recently. The purpose of the joint committee will be to codify these concerns and come up with solutions. Commander Pendergrast who is the commanding officer for the 3rd District that encompasses most of Dupont, Logan Circle, Shaw, Adams Morgan, and Kalorama has agreed to attend.

People who would like to be problem-solvers or liaisons on particular issues can be made committee members.

The list below contains problems and items for discussion that have so far been cataloged and that we on think can be tackled by this committee. We would like to spend some time requesting more agenda items but would not like to spend time giving more examples of problems.

Preliminary Committee Meeting Agenda


Call for additional and future agenda items

Community Policing Communications

1. Contacting the police is too difficult.

Is standardization of method of communication the solution?

Messages don’t get answered

None have voicemail

Some officers have pagers, some cell phones, some hotmail, some dc.gov email, some mpdc.org email.

2. Officers are moved around so much that establishing relationships is too difficult

911/311 system (reform may be beyond the scope of this committee). We’d like to hear updates of situation.

Status of investigation of Policeman who drove away from the scene of the 21 St fire

Phillips Collection footage of incident

Community Policing Program Effectiveness

Communication between PSAs and between MPDC/Park Police, Civic Organizations

Police not taking reports or treating customers with respect

Crime Statistics

Relevance and accuracy

Perception of community contrast

Restructuring PSA Borders

Where does that stand

What are new borders planned

PSA meeting reform

Poorly attended ones could be done as break out sessions at this meeting

Drug Dealing

Operation Gold Coast Follow Up

N and 20th

P and 22nd

Swann Houses

Connection to strip clubs and possible solution

Connection to prostitution

Getting at the demand – What’s the profile of these drug buyers


16th and L

22nd and P

Orange Hat Patrols – Lt. Groomes and George Britton

Neighborhood Watch

Community development’s effect on Crime

Youth Education

Knowing your neighbors

Preventable Crime Education


Putting laptops in trunks

Bicycle theft at YMCA

Abandoned cars

What happened to the city’s crime report update on web site

Commitment to put duty officer on foot for one hour per shift

New police initiative to have police officers meet every person in their PSA.

Crime Forum

Citizen’s Advisory Council (3D-wide) Need liaison and support

0n 4th Thursday of every month in 3D from 7:30 – 9

Email list



Rob Halligan

Gil Hill

Commander Cheryl Pendergrast

Tad DiBiase, Asst US Attorney

Marco Santiago, Community Outreach Coordinator from 3D

Jim McGlade of DC MAP

Brian Larkin of The Lauren

George Britton

Don Benedict

Rob Halligan

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