Friday, August 15, 2003

FW: Announcement Dupont Public Safety Meeting to lists

The Joint Dupont Public Safety Meeting will be held Tuesday the 19th of August at 7 pm at the Metropolitan Police 3rd District Headquarters. 1620 V Street. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month to communicate community issues to the police and visa versa.

Below is the August Meeting Agenda:

Neighborhood Watch - We'd like to expand on the recent success of catching burglars through neighbor communications of crime problems and descriptions of criminals by getting other parts of the neighborhood to get united. Come out to discuss getting a network block captains network functioning.

Renewal of the Citizens Advisory Council and elections for

Prostitution at 15th and L

Minor crimes of graffiti, plant thefts, homeless people harassing citizens, and trash trucks coming too early are driving citizen's nuts.

Pawn Shops as stolen goods fencing operations

Drug Dealing at 14th and T

Drug dealing SW of Dupont Circle

Preventable Crime Education - Lighting

911/311 system - MPD is collecting complaints on 911 and 311 experiences

On Saturday, August 16, 2003 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. the Third District will be displaying recovered stolen property in the community room. The property was seized in connection with the arrest of Gregory Scarborough on July 10, 2003 and includes such items as jewelry, electronics, music instruments, cameras, DVD movies and watches. If you were a victim of a reported residential burglary between December 2002 and July 9, 2003 we welcome you to attend. You must provide us with case numbers and a list describing the stolen items before you enter. For more information please contact DAVID SWINSON []at the Third District or via email.

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