Monday, January 15, 2007

Special Dupont Public Safety Meeting

The Dupont Public Safety meeting is being held at its usual time but in a different location than usual:


Tuesday at 7pm at Omega. Omega is a bar (or club) that is located in a carriage house in the alley named Twining Court. That alley is in between the streets of O, 22nd, P and 21st.


We moved this one meeting to Omega primarily to deal with some crime issues over there. If folks from other parts of the neighborhood wish to discuss other issues, we could have a break out session. The previous meeting we held at Omega was well-attended and resulted in the solving of several problems such as lighting issues that contributed to crime and to the MPD setting up an observation post on a roof-top that resulted in the break up of a drug dealing ring.

Lt. Dignan has come up with an agenda that has the topics of burglaries, effects of P Street streetscape, drug dealing, any further issues with school kids misbehaving on their way to the subway, P Street beach issues, etc.


Come out if you have anything that can help the police help us.


Wayne Bridgeforth did get arrested twice this week by Officers Servis and Clemens. Hopefully, the judge will hold him until trial.


Rob Halligan


If you don’t want to be on the Dupont Public Safety list just ask to be removed. Please forward to neighbors and businesses that may benefit. If you want to add someone just ask.

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