Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Follow Up to June Dupont Public Safety Meeting/PSA 306....

We had a passionate discussion about what to do about homelessness, Wednesday. Thanks to all who came out. But what to do next?


Craig Keller, from the Homeless Services section of DC’s Department of Mental Health, offered to follow up with individual cases and property owners who are not operating in accordance with the community (my phrase). He seemed to be hot on the task. Send him the location and time the person is there and he will try to help them.


He also offered to talk to property owners such as churches who are creating issues. We had quite a few churches represented Wednesday but a few didn’t respond to invitations to come.  


Craig Keller

Homeless Services

Department of Mental Health

Craig Keller hop.dmh@dc.gov (202) 698-5555 (202) 841-2915


Also, this Wednesday at 7pm Foundry is having another open meeting. It’s “Solutions to Homelessness.” I can’t make that, but I hope some of you can and can convey to me the gist and desired follow on.



Rob Halligan

202 319 1313



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Dupont Public Safety Meeting/PSA 306 is Tuesday June 19 at 7pm at the Foundry Methodist at the NW corner of 16th and P.  (It’s usually held on the 3rd Tuesdays for Dupont and Kalorama-Sheridan issues at 1620 V Street NW.) Our community depends on good communications to and from our police. This is a roundtable meeting where we problem-solve. Bring an issue – no matter how minor. Or email me or our lieutenants to submit items for discussion.


We’ll concentrate on public safety and homelessness issues revolving around churches, Borderstan (14th to R to 16th to P) issues, and whatever other in general public safety issues people want to address.


We’re concentrating on church issues because quite a few people have independently had issues with what goes on around different churches in that area. Thank you to Foundry Methodist (http://www.foundryumc.org/) for hosting.


If I find out from the US Attorney that a particular burglar is out of jail again, I send out his photo – since he matches the description of a suspect committing day home burglaries.




Rob Halligan

202 319 1313


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