Monday, January 14, 2008

Reminder - Dupont Circle/Kal Public Safety (PSA 208) Meeting


Dupont Public Safety Meeting/PSA 208 is Tuesday January 15th at 7pm at the 3rd District Metropolitan Police Dept Headquarters at 1620 V Street. (Held on the 3rd Tuesdays for Dupont and Kalorama-Sheridan issues and still in the 3D building even though our police work out of 2D.) Our community depends on good communications to and from our police. This is a roundtable meeting where we problem-solve. Bring an issue – no matter how minor. Or email me or our lieutenants to submit items for discussion –  Lieutenant Scott Dignan ( and Lieutenant Josiah Eaves (


Block Captains in Neighborhood Network 208 and residents will discuss with Lt. Dignan when to call in a situation BEFORE a crime is committed, and who to call directly at 2D to get police on the scene fast when dialing 311 is not appropriate.  Lt. Dignan will also want to hear from you, block by block, about the safety situation and police presence.  We will also announce a training date in mid-February with Samantha Nolan. We’re up to 33 Block Captains.


We’ll talk about some issues brought up at DCCA’s meeting where Chief Lanier, Asst. Chief Groomes, Commander Solberg, Captain Hill, Lt. Dignan, Sergeant Parson and Park Police Captain Neider spoke and took questions.



Rob Halligan

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