Thursday, January 8, 2009

We need help figuring out what is wrong with PSA Meetings

High-level MPD brass are coordinating a meeting of activists to try to “Revamp the PSA Meetings”.  My response was, “I’ll go; but if I had ideas on improving the monthly meetings, I would have already implemented them. The same likely goes for the rest of the likely invitees.”


These are meetings designed to be the primary venue of community-building with MPD.  Having vital meetings would be a big help for MPD and thereby the neighborhood. Crime is a real problem in Dupont.


 So, YOU see the invite to the Dupont/Kalorama Public Safety/PSA meeting every month and not many of you choose to come. (Admittedly the meetings can be pretty lame). What ideas could I bring from you to this “revamping meeting”? Feel free to reply to me only (rather than the entire listserv).



Rob Halligan

202 319 1313


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