Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RE: [DupontForum] -Preventive Suggestions for Securing Skylights and Roof Top Hatches-

I’ve attached that doc (for those of you not on Digest Version of listserv delivery). The burglars aren’t using large tools to open these hatches. So securing hatches and skylights as in Officer Fletcher describes in this doc should make you pretty safe.


We know of 19 Dupont rooftop burglaries. They have not been more widespread than Dupont as far as MPD can figure.


The Tuesday meeting dedicated to this topic went well. MPD is throwing all sorts of manpower at this and needs our help looking out for the perpetrator(s). Please contact your neighbors. Only 625 people of the 18000 Dupont residents are on the DupontForum.  The Current should cover it today and the City Paper should tomorrow.





Rob Halligan

202 319 1313



From: [] On Behalf Of ofc2dfletcher
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 11:40 AM
Subject: [DupontForum] -Preventive Suggestions for Securing Skylights and Roof Top Hatches-


-Preventive Suggestions for Securing Skylights and Roof Top Hatches-

Please see the word document file titled - Suggestions for Roof Top
and Fire Escape Limited Access - uploaded today, 02/25/09, for
preventive suggestions on securing skylights and roof top hatches.


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