Friday, March 20, 2009

Borderstan Walk-Around and news coverage

Thanks to everyone who organized, staffed, and participated in last night’s Borderstan Walk-Around. Apparently, ABC 7 News staff read about the Borderstan Walk-Around on and covered it (here). Channel 7 was more interested in the rooftop burglar than general safety in Borderstan, but it was a good story. The event’s main goal was to improve lighting. To that end, the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations helped get DDoT Urban Forestry and DDoT lighting staff out to listen to community member concerns about and make plans to improve overly dark areas on their blocks and alleys.


This event was a good example of what flows out the Dupont/Kalorama Public Safety/PSA 208 Meetings. Please do bring other issues to those meetings. BTW, the April 21st meeting is going to be in the Stead Playground Rec Center building. (I bet lots of you have never been in there). We also have a new push to make community to police liaisoning even more local by re-vitalizing our Neighborhood Watch program.



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