Thursday, April 22, 2010

CAC Meetings (Police) - Reminders

Last night the 3rd District notified us that Chief Lanier is appearing at the Metropolitan Police Departments 3rd District CAC here. If you haven’t been to meetings with her, you should consider going; she’s terrific.


This morning our 2nd District Assistant US Attorney Community Prosecutor Anita LaRue announced (below) that the 2nd District CAC is having DC’s new US Attorney and asked for questions from those who can’t travel to 2D at Idaho Avenue at 7pm on Wed the 28th. You could convey questions to AUSA LaRue in the email below or to me. Getting our prosecutorial priorities to the US Attorney is important.


Context: CAC’s (Citizen’s Advisory Council’s) are volunteer groups that meet with the District Commander monthly. Dupont and Kalorama were moved from the 2nd District to the 3rd a few years ago. The areas to the north and east of the political boundaries of Dupont are in 3D.  I usually announce the PSA meeting which is where the community meets with the Lieutenant.


Rob Halligan

202 319 1313


From: LaRue, Anita (USADC) []
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 9:50 AM
Subject: 2D CAC 4/28/10 7 pm


Hi Rob-

Next Wednesday, United States Attorney Ronald C.  Machen Jr. will attend the 2D CAC at the Second District. He chose this meeting because of the opportunity to address residents from various PSAs. 

I know robberies and thefts from auto are two issues in PSA 208.  Please forward any other concerns, ideas you would like the office to address next week.

Thank you in advance.

Anita LaRue

Assistant United States Attorney

Community Prosecutor, Second District


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