Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Public Safety Alert

We’ve had several packages disappear from stoops recently. We have a pretty good ID that the perpetrator is Wayne Bridgeforth. He is known to have been released from prison on similar charges. He also breaks into cars. He will slip into a garage left open monetarily to steal a power tool. He steals mail out of mail boxes as well. Every time he gets arrested we hope he’ll get a long sentence, but it hasn’t happened yet. He’s on probation. The attached and below picture of Wayne Bridgeforth was not provided by the government (which doesn’t like distributing photos of suspect’s in most circumstances).

Tell your delivery people to stop leaving packages on the stoop in the meantime.

If you see this guy walking around as if he has some business on the block, pull out your phone to dial 911. There’s good chance, he’ll nonchalantly steal something momentarily. He’s about 5 foot 7.


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