Monday, June 13, 2011

Plea For Letters to the Judge - WAYNE BRIDGEFORTH, Case 2011 CF2 000397

I’ve written quite a few times about Wayne Bridgeforth’s serial criminal behavior. He’s a poster child for the dysfunctionality of our criminal justice system. It seems like he prefers prison to freedom; a few months after he gets out, he’s always back in. This is one guy who makes me wish we had a 3 (or 30) strikes you’re out law. (I’ve personally gotten him arrested about 6 times and did get a provision in the last ominous crime act that is supposed to allow for more serious sentences for chronic offenders.) Well, he’s up for sentencing again on June 24th. The US Attorney would like Community Impact Statements by this Friday the 17th.

You can check Wayne Bridgeforth’s record and the present case against him by going to:, Court Cases Online, from that search page you can input his name in the search field. You can see his entire record of 35 convictions and 31 more that are under Wayne Bridgeford that I hear are his as well.

Attached is a Community Impact Statement form. You address how his crimes affect your community. If your saw disappeared from your parking spot while you went in the house for a second, it was likely Wayne who stole it. If someone broke your car window to steal the CDs from under your seat it could have been Wayne. If your mail was stolen it could have been Wayne. If a package was stolen from your stoop…I’ve witnessed him perpetrate all of these crimes – some of them several times.

The US Attorney’s Office is again asking for the community’s help on some cases. I understand we got 4 Community Impact Statements on the Craven Kemp case. 5 years ago when the US Attorney’s Office was working with us to Community Impact Statements we got 20 on a few cases. I’d love to see 20 on this Bridgeforth case. Please take the time to show that judge that we don’t want this guy back on our streets in 13 months. Just take a few minutes to look at his record, realize most of those convictions were after he got away with similar crimes for a couple months before he was caught again, and realize that almost all of them were in the Dupont blocks from 1400 east to 2000 on the west.

Please send a Community Impact Statement by Friday to US Attorney Anita LaRue ( .

Rob Halligan
202 319 1313

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